Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring has sprung here in the Big Bend!

Following the 1183 eruption of Indonesia's Krakatoa, brilliant sunsets appeared around the world, one of which is said to have inspired Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's painting, The Scream.

-Coco Ballantyne

Terlingua Sunset 022813 as seen from the lobby of BBRA

This past Thursday my friend Mary and I went into Big Bend National Park to look for blooming wildflowers and signs of Spring. We didn't have far to look since the Park Ranger at the entrance told us of wildflower sightings about four miles down Maverick Road just inside the park entrance. Well, we were elated when we spotted not just a few but hills decorated with the intense blue color of Big Bend Bluebonnets. There are several varieties of bluebonnets in Texas but the variety inside Big Bend is known for it's tall shoots loaded with that blue color. We also found in the same spot, blooms of Bicolor Mustard, Bristly Nama, Desert Evening Primrose, Resurrection Plant, Blue Bonnets of course, stalks of yucca loaded with red tinged yellow blooms. It is rumoured and local folklore that mesquite does not begin to green out until threat of a frost has passed. Today we encountered mesquite with green leaf buds sprouting from their limbs.

Big Bend Bluebonnets 022613

It was an exciting day for both of us. We had lunch at the restaurant at the Chisos Mountains Lodge. Afterwards we drove to the visitors center at Persimmon Gap and went on a small hike up to some interesting examples of geology of rock formations typical of this region.

Today marks the end of yet another month in 2013 and today's last sunset of February.  This evening marks the 19th recorded sunset for February. As I have noted before, I am attempting to record every sunset within a year beginning with January 2013. For me, a remarkable sunset is one which stands out as colorful, contains clouds to reflect the sun, or in some way is more remarkable than simply a glow on the horizon. This is my definition only. Stormclouds blocking the sun and horizon altogether will not be recorded unless they are significant in some way or remarkable just prior to when sunset should have taken place. Now enough wordiness. Let's get on with the obligatory photos, shall we?

Desert Evening Primrose, Maverick Rd, BBNP 022613

Bi-Color Mustard, Maverick Rd, BBNP 022613

Big Bend Bluebonnets with Mary for scale, Maverick Rd, BBNP 022613

Blue Curls, Persimmon Gap, BBNP 022613

Yucca with Blooms, Persimmon Gap, BBNP

I think this is Cowpen Daisy, BBNP 022613
Bristly Nama, Maverick Rd, BBNP 022613

New growth on a Prickly Pear, Maverick Rd,BBNP 022613

At the end of our day as we made our tired but satisfied exit out of Big Bend National Park, we encountered the ultimate beautiful ending and we just had to stop and admire the magnificent sunset

Sunset, BBNP 022613
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