Monday, March 18, 2013

A beautiful warm and welcome Terlingua sunset

A warm spring night tonight to bid adieu to a setting Terlingua sun.
Spring Break crush is over yesterday and we have survived. It was rather pleasant and almost fun this year. I don't know if it's because this is my fifth year of doing this or if it is because the crowd has changed. Perhaps it is due to the fact that spring with all of it's blooms and green leaf buds has made a showy arrival but I am appreciating it thoroughly.  The weather is great and the temps are in the eighties now and I love it that the evening's are warm after the sunsets. One of my favorite feathered friends has returned, the Cactus Wren along with it's noisy and fun chatter. The skies have also been clear of clouds for the most part which means a sunset of a glow on the horizon instead of the grand display of color. But I enjoy it just the same.

The bluebonnets are still in bloom for a few more days

Manana I will contact Gil to see what the status is on my truck and if I will have my truck back soon. Oh I hope so.

Happy Spring Ya'll!


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