Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Broke!


 It's only one word that I use to describe today. The beginning of March Madness or what is normally called, Spring Break. Lord a mercy. And it arrived with a vengeance. As I went to work this afternoon the wind was blowing madly. My truck is getting an engine block transplant so at the moment I am driving a golf cart to work. As I live in the property, it's not far. I can hardly wait to get my truck back. Awhile back a piece, it blew a head gasket which allowed the coolant to mix with the oil. This basically contributed to the bearings corroding and BAM! There it was, that horrible racket that every owner of a vehicle dreads to hear the most. It's the sound of a engine block purchase in the making. So, currently it's at the mechanics awaiting the delivery of the block from Autozone. Autozone stated that it would be arriving around April 2nd. That's so nice. Hopefully it will be repaired before the desert flowering season is over. I really would like to document the flowers and cactus blooming on my property out on the Ranch.

There was a very tiny lull in the arrival of Spring Break guests so I rushed outside of the lobby to snap a photo of the sunset glow on the horizon.

When I closed up and left the front lobby the wind was blowing something fierce. I guess with the arrival of Spring Break is also the arrival of the March winds. Just so lovely. I don't mind the wind so long as it's not wild enough to turn over my RV. A few years ago, we had a microburst come through here and rip off the roof to one of the buildings here. At the time the wind was blowing 100 miles per hour. It was a sight I will not soon forget. I just knew it was going to overturn some of the RV's in the RV Park but thankfully it never did.

It's late and already it's the next day. Today will be a repeat of yesterday. I will be wearing the equivalent of skates every day this week. Enjoy the sunset.

Terlingua Sunset 030913
They say there is a cold spell coming in the next few days. The temperature will plummet all the way into the 60's. LOL Actually for me, that is freezing. I want to feel the warm breeze of at least 80 degrees.

Have a great day.


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