Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blooms and Karaoke in Terlingua


Terlingua Desert Living

La Kiva Restaurant & Bar, Terlingua, TX
My friend Mary talked us into going to karaoke night yesterday evening at one of the very unique watering holes and restaurant here in Terlingua. La Kiva. It is what the name implies. It is made of rock and half buried in the ground. The front door is counter-weighted since the door opens upwards. I've never been to a karaoke night much less to the one at La Kiva.  It was alot of fun and a chance to get out of the house for something different. Mary urged me to sing the popular number, Wild Thang. So....I did.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tim Reveille was behind the bar fixing our drinks. Tim also sings and plays the guitar every other Wednesday. I enjoy his style of music. It's sort of Appalachian style folksongs. Tim has an album out which Mary and I purchased awhile back last August right before we departed on our roadtrip to my hometown of Galax, Va to visit my family and attend the Annual Fiddler's Convention. Tim is from Tennessee and was familiar with the Convention. Check out Tim's Album online.

Claret Cup Blooms spotted this evening!
Such beautiful vibrant color in a Claret Cup bloom
This evening, my friend Mary of Mary Paloma (Diesel) fame, had dinner at our friend Lauren's place. I took my camera just in case I spotted any flowers etc,. I was not disappointed. It just so happened that I have been searching for five years now for the cactus blooms of the Claret Cup Cactus. This evening I saw one. The blooms were as spectacular as I had heard. There were also the usual wildflower blooms showing themselves as well all through the desert.

Big Bend Desert Dreams come alive out here.
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