Friday, May 3, 2013

Great Balls o' Fire!

Wow. 50 mph winds since early this morning! I thought for sure I was going to wake up and see daylight through the rafters by morning. The temperature has been in the fifties as well. I haven't seen this sort of weather in years since I've been living here. Usually our last cold spell is by at least the second week in March. It seems lately that every other week there is a cold front coming down from the north. Winter just does not want to let go of it's hold. I'm ready for some hot weather.  There was so much dust in the air this evening that the sunset was a glowing ball of fire on the horizon right before it dipped below the clouds in the distance.

Tomorrow morning I hope it's better photo weather with calmer winds.

Terlingua Sunset, Great Balls o' Fire 050213
Have a wonderful day!!!



Sissy said...

Just came across your site. Your beautiful pictures are candidates for prizes. Love them.

Snakes Alive! I say I'm not afraid of them; picture of that bugger proves I'm a liar - bigtime.

Curious about where you are from 'in the Appalachians'.

Pegging your site for sure.

MsBelinda said...

Does that mean you stayed at your place on Thursday?

I agree with Sissy...your pictures are candidates for prizes. I would encourage you to enter them in contests.

Have a good weekend.

Charlton Vaughan said...

Thank you both for your compliments. Sissy and Ms. Belinda. I am from the small town of Galax, VA. right on the VA/NC state border. It's the home of the Annual Galax Fiddler's Convention and now, the up and coming popular Houston Fest. It's origin is a memorial to a mother's son who died too early. He was a banjo player in his 20's and worked at the local Barr's Fiddle Shop downtown. Houston Fest is now an annual event showcasing young and seasoned Bluegrass and Oldtime Musicians. Ms. Belinda. No I did not unfortunately I did not spend the night out on my property that night. I would like to but I have not done that yet. I went out there early in the morning. It's only 25 miles to my property and I pass it on the way to the mechanics place out on the Ranch (as they say). Ya'll have a super day!