Monday, May 6, 2013

A Golden Sunset

Normally I don't take photos of the sunset if there are no clouds but this evening, the air was nice and warm with a slight warm breeze, which I enjoy because it evens out the small, insignificant fact that I spend most of the evening inside the lobby with the AC. I don't really have anything against A/C...I just don't care for it. Does that make sense? No? Okay. I still don't like it. I love the warm weather. The sunset this evening seemed to compliment the warm weather.

A caramel Terlingua Sunset 050413

The mountains behind the resort create a wonderful backdrop to the sunset. Below are some photos of the mountains which surround us to the north and east.

Tule Butte is just inside Big Bend National Park about ten minutes drive from here.
This is slightly to the south and east of us. This is the view from the back of the BBRA Lobby.

To the east and back of the BBRA Lobby is the wonderful view of the Chisos Mountains and Basin
located inside the center of Big Bend National Park.

North of us is the view of the Christmas Mountains right off of Hwy 118 heading north to Alpine.
This is also the view from the rear of the BBRA Lobby.

One of the many thousands of bell like blooms of the yucca blossoming around us. They always remind me of
a chandelier in the desert.

I hope the rest of our days are like today. At least for a time before it gets blazing hot...which if I have shade and wide-brimmed hat, is just fine with me. Nothing like a cold soda or a wonderful glass of chilled milk enjoyed on a hot day.

Have a great day!
The world is what we make it.


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