Monday, May 20, 2013

Field Trip!!!


Combustible Comfort

I know. A field trip sounds very exciting. All the anticipation and excitement building up until you possibly can't stand it another minute...Yep, it was a field trip to Fort Stockton to the Walmart.  Well, I enjoyed it at least but I was exhausted by the time it was over since I also had to work at 2:00pm as soon as we returned. This is sort of how it went...

There is that feeling you get when your stomach is churning from what ever it was you ate the evening before. You know, that stuff that you knew you were going to regret but ate anyway because it was incessantly calling your name. You know, the chicken eggrolls you've been craving all day at work and then get home and discover that the sweet and sour sauce that would go perfect with it was no more.  You know, that sriracha sauce that you chose instead. Yep, that stuff.

That stuff was now calling my name at 4:00am to remind me of how much fun it had last night.  Well. It kinda  was fun and I have to admit it felt great going down. That tasty flavor of chicken and the nice nose searing aroma of sriracha. It was real nice, until my lips suddenly combusted. So....

Here I am at 4:00am, woke up to down a few Tums...Raoul wakes up of course. I turn around and he's dressed already and asks me if I'm ready? What? Ready for what?

Raoul: To go to Ft. Stockton. It's almost three hours drive there. We do grocery shopping and then we have to return in time for you to go to work at 2:00pm.

Weeeeell. I was not ready for that let me tell you! But, it was true. He was right. I almost felt like crying and having a break down right there...but that wouldn't have helped any. I made a mental note to save the break down for another day. Sooooo, I took a shower and purposely procrastinated getting out of the shower since I knew once I turned off the nice hot water that I would have to admit to the was going to be a long day. But I might as well enjoy it.

On the drive something in my stomach was still celebrating but that was okay, I had the window down since the truck doesn't have A/C and his eagle nose wouldn't ever know the difference between that wonderful petroleum scent in the air due to the Liquid Black Gold being harvested in the area.

I was dead tired when we arrived at Wally World so I took a quick nap in the truck and let Raoul go into the air-conditioned shopping paradise.

We made the usual stop at KFC for Raoul. My stomach was still gabbing away as the party down there still continued. Sometimes a party just doesn't know when it's appropriate to call it a night. So, needless to say, I did not want anything to eat that was really heavy. Besides, while Raoul was shopping I purchased a bag of BBQ style chips and two Dr. Peppers to keep me occupied on the drive back. I'm one of those people that has to have something to snack on and drink or I get tired and drowsy. I know, what business did I have getting BBQ chips when the sriracha cotillion was still going on...I guess misery loves company and BBQ seemed like the perfect pairing. And it was...all the way back.

On the return trip to Terlingua I was ready for a leg stretching break and suddenly spotted the perfect reason to pull over. I thought at first that it was Purple Thistle, which there was in abundance along the roadside but when I slowed down to see, it was clearly something else. So I pulled over suddenly and stopped to take a photo of the unique plant and flower.

 I have no idea what kind of flower this is.  I reckon more research is in order. The wind was blowing alot so I could not seem to get the perfect photo with the center surrounded by the light purple strands.

Prickly Pear new spring growth.
 While I was enjoying the sunset I wasn't the only only ones outside. These two Cactus Wren's were chattering away in a yucca in front of the lobby at sunset. These are my favorite birds here in the desert. They are always so curious and known for getting themselves into trouble. Just like two cats.
 The did not seem to mind me being directly below the yucca at all even with the flash going off.

These two seem to be setting up shop in among the yucca leaves.

Hope you enjoyed yer visit.

Remember, the world is what we make it.


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MsBelinda said...

I had never heard of that sauce before until today...I don't think I want to try it.

Do you not like air conditioning? I would have been inside that Walmart store in a New York minute getting as much of my A/C fix as possible.

Hope you got a good nights rest after that.