Friday, May 17, 2013

Red, Hot and Sizzle!

Today the temperature hit above 100 degrees F. It was crispy. But I like that. The warm air and the not cold aspect really pleases me to no end. Heaven has finally arrived. The sunset tonight was fantastic.

Bee Mountain Sunset, Terlingua, TX 051713
Terlingua Sunset over Sawmill Mtn. 051713
I was enjoying the sunset and approached a yucca in order to get a better shot of the setting sun. A cicada must have been in the yucca because all of a sudden it sounded like a chainsaw going off. Those things are loud!

As I was closing up tonight (Friday evening) I found a mountain of these clinging to the laundry outside wall. I think they look like another type of blister beetle. Another insect to look up. I couldn't get a good shot since they were flying all around me and landing on me. I don't know. I just have this phobia of blisters an all.

THE Critter...ain't he cute as a bug?

Tomorrow is a trip to Alpine. Yippeeeee! or perhaps Ft. Stockton....Yippeeeeee! So and so wants KFC and I want Mexican. You've never lived with a picky eater until you've lived with a trained chef. No ones cooking is good enough it seems so every place I want to eat at only has one chance to please. There is Vidal's place in Alpine, Los Jalapenos. Excellent authentic Mexican cooking from San Carlos. I'ts Vidal's grandmother's recipes. My favorite is the Shrimp Culiche. Oh! The first time I ate that dish I felt like the human torch. Then he decides to stroll by and suggest that I squeeze some of lime slices on the shrimp to cut the heat.  That was nice. Especially after I ate all but three of them already. The food is delicious! It's in the old part of Alpine.

There is also the Mexican restaurant, La Casita. It's also excellent. But we are usually partial to Vidal since he is from San Carlos and Terlingua.

sigh...however, I think it's probably Ft. Stockton bound for us so I guess I will have to settle for fake Mexican food....Taco Hell....I mean Bell.

Have a great day and remember...the world is what we make it.


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MsBelinda said...

You are the first person that mentions good Mexican restaurants to eat at in Alpine.

Would love to try them when I make my way to the cook-off this fall. I tend to go early and the camp that brings the food does not arrive for a few days.

A full tummy goes a long way to trying to set up my camp and then drifing into lala land.