Thursday, May 9, 2013


The Terlingua Sunset this evening- 050813
The past few days have been wonderful as usual here in Terlingua country. If you recall a while back in a previous post, we address a sunset here in Terlingua as, "Another dang Terlingua Sunset!" We also say, It's another beautiful day today. But we say that almost every day. The temperatures have been in the lovely 100's and I am down with that. I'm so ready for the warm weather. We have started a small raised bed garden with quite a few veggies and flowers and such. This year, (unlike last year-this is said with a whisper) we are prepared to protect our garden from the small but lethal fury of the dreaded hail. Last year, it mowed down our tomates and chiles. A lawn mower could not have done a better job of it let me tell ya! This year it is in a protected space half way under the front porch. We also have a breathable cover used for plant nurseries that we can throw over it in case of emergencies. The tomate stakes will keep the cover from damaging the plants.

The Front Porch Garden
In the front is lettuce, butternut squash. In the middle are two different kinds of sun and wind resistant tomatoes and chiles. In the back are carrots and recao. The recao was ordered by mail from it's native Puerto Rico. Recao aroma resembles cilantro but it is not. The english word for it is culantro. Again, not to be confused with cilantro. I can't wait to taste it in our homemade pico de gallo and chimichurri!

This really is a small flower that I have cropped for a closer look. This is such a beautiful flowering plant
It just grows everywhere here in the desert.

Research will be ongoing to find out which one this is of all the members in the daisy family
that grow and flourish here in the Terlingua area.

I don't know what this beetle is called but they have literally invaded every nook and cranny of the desert it seems. I found this one inside the house. I hope it's not poisonous. I found that it is called a Box Elder Bug. According to a source online, they are harmless and congregate in groups. (Well, they certainly do.)

I will close this evening with a Terlingua Sunset that was taken a few days ago. There was a chance of showers but the only thing it gave us was a beautiful cloud strewn sunset.

Terlingua Sunset 050613

Have a great day!!!
The world is what we make it.


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MsBelinda said...

Your photos are gorgeous as usual. You should really consider entering them in a photography contest.

Your vegetable garden is really coming along...I have plant envy :)