Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On The Hunt for Terlingua Ranch Wildflowers

I made an appointment to have my truck inspected for yesterday morning. It was that time of year again. Beechie is the local mechanic that inspects vehicles here in the Terlingua area. So, this morning I grabbed my camera and took off for Beechie's out on the ranch. Afterwards I took my time driving out since yesterday and today are my days off I planned on photographing the wildflower blooms. No sooner had I drove away from Beechie's place just about a hundred yards down the road I spotted my first photo subject. A very large Prickly Poppy plant with about a dozen blooms on it and bees buzzing around made for some good shots. I went out to my property on the way back and a few hours later I had acquired quite a few photos. Some of them are below. It was a beautiful day yesterday and today I will be out there again in the desert taking some more photos. This time I will bring my tripod and hoping there's not any wind this morning.

Lady Bug on a Pickly Poppy

Bees gathering nectar on a Prickly Poppy bloom

Butterfly on a Desert Willow getting ready to bloom

Tansy Aster. One of my favorite blooms

Tansy Aster, Terlingua Ranch Main Road

Desert Verbena, Terlingua Ranch property

Desert Baileya Terlingua Ranch property

Terlingua Ranch property

Prickly Pear bloom, My property on Terlingua Ranch property

Prickly Pear bloom, Terlingua Ranch property

Terlingua Ranch property

Terlingua Ranch property

Acacia Bloom, Terlingua Ranch property

Have a great day!


pamit said...

I do love the name "Pickly Poppy". That's a Gray Hairstreak butterfly. Nice pix!

--Pam in CO

MsBelinda said...

The clarity of the subjects you photograph is amazing!

Glad you were able to take care of the car inspection as well as pay a visit to your homestead.

Keep out of the wind!

Charlton Vaughan said...

I'm so glad that ya'll like the photos. LOL It's actually called a Prickly Poppy. I corrected the misspelling. Yes, that would make it sound more interesting.