Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Git Back Up!

If you have never fallen down it is because you are still at the starting block. There are some that think failing is a negative thing. I think failing means that you have fallen down, and now you must get back up and continue the race, the journey, continue on the trail ahead. To fail means that you have begun. It is a badge of courage for those that have the initiative to begin the race even when they fear the road ahead. The courage to take the first step.

A rainstorm came through and made for a spectacular sunset.

Terlingua Rainstorm Sunset 052713
Raoul and I were invited to a friends birthday celebration out on Terlingua Ranch and what a beautiful place in the desert it is. It is an oasis. Of course I say that about every little patch I encounter out here in the country...but it is an oasis. I saw some spectacular blooms of plants I had not encountered before. I saw Pink Prickly Poppy plants everywhere. And there was this wonderful yellow bloom of something I know not what, but it was beautiful none the less. I have got to find out what those orange berries were as well. He also has this windmill that when the wind is barely blowing, it sings. Well, that's what I call it anyway. It was dark as we said our good-byes and walked down the hill to where we had parked the truck. That was when we heard this strange singing and moaning. It wasn't a sad sound, it was almost melodic, like a whales song. It was the windmill moving in the slight breeze. To me, it's one of those sounds I would like to hear when I'm dropping off to sleep. Comparable to the pitter patter of raindrops on a tin roof that I remember from staying at my Grandmother's house, or the sound of waves and surf crashing on the beach as I used to hear when as a teenager we lived in Myrtle Beach, SC.

It was great seeing people that I normally only see occasionally. I work in the evenings when most people are at home, having worked already during the day. Some of them I haven't seen in a year or more. The son of one of the birthday celebrities was also the chef and the food was fantastic. I was going down the table placing items on my plate when I noticed a sign by one of the dishes and it said, "salsa diablo". Oh mercy! I just had to have that and yes I did. The first bite was atrociously hot. I thought someone had opened my mouth when I wasn't looking and tossed in a bonfire. But...after that, I was fine. I always say, it's the first bite that gets ya. It just takes the first bite for your brain to acclimate.

This I spotted growing on the side of the porch of our friend's home and I'm just gonna have to find out what
it is. The color is just wonderful.

This is the scenery our friend gets to see every single day. It's beautiful isn't it!

Another beautiful shot of a beautiful view from a beautiful spot on Terlingua Ranch.

This was the sunset from the birthday celebrity's front porch. 

This was waiting for me on the wall of the laundromat at Big Bend Resort & Adventures as I was closing up for the night. The lace wings just fascinated me so I was urged to take a photo.

Then I encountered this Lady Bug on the door as I locked up. I have always enjoyed the sight of Lady Bugs. Perhaps it is from my childhood when our family had a garden. I was taught that Lady Bugs eat the bad bugs of the garden. Plus, they're just so dang pretty. The saying, "Cute as a bug" isn't for nothing.

It was right at the moment that I was turning to leave that this little beauty flew and landed on the door right in front of me. Well, you know me. Yep. I did. I took a picture. But it was going about it's business rather quickly so I really had a tough time getting a good shot. So, I left and headed home.

I know...but just be patient. The story continues...I arrived home. Took off my hat and BAM! There it was on my hat.  So I took the hint that it wasn't going away without it's picture being taken. So...I got right down to business. That's when I found out...it jumps. So, again, I was having to chase it with my lens. The thing is, it's even smaller than the Lady Bug. Isn't the iridescent color of it's back captivating? It reminds me of carnival glass.

The spring of 2012 I ordered some Day Lily bulbs in about three or four different varieties. Raoul and I planted them in
pots and placed them around the doorway. They bloomed last year but it wasn't alot but the colors were bright and vivid.
I like bright and vivid...just not on me. Well. They stayed green all year in our mild winters I was not surprised. Well, they have begun to leaf out alot this Spring and this one greeted me as I left for work this afternoon. Well, you know me...Yep! I had to have a photo of it. Oh! The color!

Lord a mercy. This one was waiting for me at the laundromat when I closed this evening. Heavens ta mergutroid! It's like a bug convention out here lately.
Well, remember, the world is what we make it.


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