Sunday, April 28, 2013



On my hour and a half drive from Terlingua to return the engine core to Autozone in Alpine I was amazed by the abundance of blooming wildflowers along both sides of the highway. For eighty miles I saw nothing but a variety of blooms and color. The urgent need to stop was something I could not ignore. I had to return to Terlingua and the reality of employment by 2:00pm. I had left early in order to have the time to stop and photograph this possible spring event. At the time that I was leaving the resort property I had no idea that the blooms would be this numerous or abundant.

I stopped a few times on the way to gather photographs but then I forged ahead to Alpine, dropped off the core ran an errand to pick up a prescription for the General Manager. I was already in my truck and getting ready to pull out of the parking lot when I spotted some blooms along the roadside in town! It was incredible! There were flowers everywhere. I got out my camera and took some photos of them. I finally finished the errand running, grabbed some lunch at the local restaurant and I was on the Highway 118 once more. I began stopping almost immediately every couple of miles and began shooting photos of the flowers. In the five years I have lived in the Big Bend Area I have never witnessed this amount of blooming. It seems as if every plant that ever was is now blooming this Spring. Some of the blooms I shot were published in the previous post. I will post the remainder as I am able to process them....there were numerous blooms.

I think this is a Mallow of some kind. More research.

A member of the Daisy family

Another Mallow member

These Primroses were everywhere. Carpeting yards and yards of the roadside.

Another member of the Daisy family.

Another Mallow member

Daisy family

Not sure what this was but I loved the color.

Daisy family...I think.

There are more blooms to be processed. I'm telling you, there were many blooms that day. I will update the names as I find them in my research.

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