Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Small and Fleeting

Flowers are so fleeting and their time, like our time, is limited to an instant. I think that is why I enjoy photographing them. A photograph does that. It allows me to remember what it was like in that instant. To see the color and feel the texture of the plant. To recall the sun and the sky as it was that particular day.

I see the bloom and many of the blooms that capture my interest are tiny or large. The tiny flowers draw me to them because I want to see closer into their world. And there is a world in the bloom all on it's own.  The moment that I am gazing through the macro lens I am transported into a world that is oblivious to anything outside of those petals. I see creatures living and moving among the anthers and pollen.

Aloysia gratissima (Bee Brush)
Bee Brush is a shrub and I found it while on one of my walks in the desert. It grows almost like a small tree that needs a good trimming. The flowers were what attracted me to it. The blooms are so tiny and compelled me to desire a closer look. Well, when there is anything resembling a slight breeze it's almost impossible to get a clear photo. I just waited and kept shooting and then went home hoping that one of them at least was clear. Above is the photo that was shot on site and the shot below is a cropped photo of the one above. Notice the detail and tiny hairs on the bloom.

Aloysia gratissima (Bee Brush) a cropped photo of the one above. A native Texan plant.
The shot below is called a Desert Olive (Forestiera angustifolia).  This was also shot on the same day that the Bee Brush was shot and the wind wasn't cooperating either at this point. Again, I just began pressing the shutter release until I felt I had a few that could be used.
Forestiera angustifolia (Narrow Leaf Desert Olive)
I had walked by this plant on many occasions while looking for spring blooms and I never noticed anything unusual or remarkable about it. Then a couple of days ago we were walking along the same path and there they were, this strange dark blue fruit attached to the limbs of this bush.  Later on in the evening during my search for an ID on the internet and in my plant books I stumbled across a description and photo of the plant. It says the blooms that produce the fruit are small, a light green and unremarkable. Well, I guess so since I certainly don't recall seeing any blooms on this plant. The color is wonderful and reminds me of indigo or blue ink.

Enjoy and have a great day!



MsBelinda said...

I would say you even write like the true artist that you are.

Those are beautiful flowers and you captured their essence!

Charlton Vaughan said...

Thank you Ms Belinda. I'm glad that you enjoy the photos. I hope you are able to enjoy some of the wildflowers there as well. This is such a fantastic Spring.