Thursday, October 3, 2013

Not a Walk in the Park

I finally was able to get some photos of the new chihuahua puppy that we adopted a couple of weeks ago. Someone named him Coco so I guess the name stuck and..well...yep.  Coco finally stopped moving and fell asleep in my lap so I decided to take advantage of the moment and snap a photo of him.

I'm not exactly sure what happened to the garden this summer but we didn't get squat from the plants. They bloomed but the bees just did not visit. Well, now,  as I walked out the door I spotted the mint with blooms from the little start that we planted and now that the season is almost over, the tomato plant is just now producing some fruit.

Mint with bloom stalk

Our Tomato Blooms

Seed Pod from Creosote Bush
I found some Creosote Bushes along the way on my walk. The desert looks green with all the rain that we've received this spring and summer.

A Mushroom of some type I think
Along the road to Indian Head it isn't exactly crowded with plants and the terrain is really flat so when I spotted something white sticking up from the dirt it was easily spotted. I walked over to check it out and the above pictured plant is what I found. I looked around to see if there were anymore and there was only one other a few feet away. Odd.  Mushrooms would be the last thing I would suppose would be sighted in the desert.

As the sun began to set at my back it lit up the surrounding red lava rocks that line the way to Indian Head.

Landscape as seen looking north from Indian Head Rd.
On Indian Head Rd as heading east to the trailhead
The sunset that followed was spectacular.

Terlingua Sunset as seen from Indian Head Rd.
I hope you all have a wonderful day. The world is what we make it.


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MsBelinda said...

Beautiful pictures as always. I really enjoyed the one of the puppy chihuahua :)