Sunday, September 8, 2013

Subtle Sunrise

“Time and sunshine healed a sore, but the process was slow, and new boils appeared if I didn't stay dry.” 
― Yann MartelLife of Pi

I had the chance yesterday, to watch a sunrise. I enjoy sunrises, as much as I enjoy a sunset. But by a mixture of habit and choice, I usually witness the sunset almost every evening. I guess sunrises and sunsets are like flavors. If one flavor is enjoyed many times, they may taste wonderful still, but if one flavor is enjoyed once in a while, one ends up savoring it over and over and over in the course of a few moments, so that it can be remembered once it's gone. And so it was with this sunrise.

The morning was very calm, serene, and quiet. The sky was a blue with hints of pink meringue suspended in the atmosphere above.

Terlingua Sunrise 090713
The sun began rising in the east behind Maverick Mountain and Indian Head. It gradually lit the sky subtly and turned the small wispy clouds pink.

Terlingua Sunrise 090713
As the light increased it began to light up the sky behind Sawmill Mountain looking towards the west.

Terlingua Sunrise 090713
With Sawmill Mountain and Terlingua Springs area in full light. The day began with no noise at all. Which was just great by me.

Yucca framed against the Terlingua Sky 090713
This morning I had the opportunity to gets some shots of the Cenizo or Purple Sage in bloom. It blooms two to three days after a rain.

Cenizo in bloom after a rain shower 090813

Texas Yellow Trumpet Bush 090813
Cenizo with Butterfly 090813
It was a beautiful day.

The world is what we make it.


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MsBelinda said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous pictures.

Thank you for the sunrise I rarely ever see one.