Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Cat Cussed and the Sun Rose

I was already awake this morning at seven o'clock and couldn't get back to sleep. I glanced out the window through the venetian blinds and it looked so overcast that I didn't even bother wondering if there was going to be an interesting sunrise, sooooo.... I laid down for another ten minutes hoping to magically fall into a deep stupor. Did that happen? Of course not. I again glanced out the window and that's when the expletive just popped out of someone's was the cat. I know! I was surprised also, but I didn't waste any more time on the small miracle because the sky was aglow with red from the sunrise. I ran into the living room, grabbed the camera and ran out the door in my bedwear...okay it was pajamas...awlright awlready! It was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt...but the point is...I ran out the door to grab shots of the sunset before it was gone. It was beautiful!!!

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Just de-gorgeous I can tell you!!

Now I'm going to go walk a couple of miles for training purposes. This will be my first day of training for my adventure I'm planning on taking and the planned estimated date of departure is April 1st, 2015. I have to save up for it so that is the reason for the far advanced planning. I will have to see if I can take a short leave of absence from my job for this as well as save up enough dough to pay my few bills while I'm gone. I have always wanted to do this since I was a little kid and learned of it's existence.

The planned destination is The Appalachian Trail. It's approximately 2,180 miles long and takes up to five to six months to hike. It stretches from Maine to Georgia. It will take some planning and training. It's through mountainous territory so the training to get my legs used to the walking will be necessary.

Have a great day and remember...

The world is what we make it.


Update: I said a couple of miles didn't I? I took my handheld GPS with me and when I returned home it was more like four miles! Needless to say, my legs are going to feel it tomorrow.

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