Monday, August 12, 2013

Wonderful Times are with Wonderful Friends

The most wonderful time is a time spent with friends and food. This evening we invited a few friends over for dinner. Our place is rather small so we invited about ten friends over for the evening. Raoul (and I helped with some of the dishes...hint...I did the deviled eggs under strict supervision, the hot wings with assistance and I did stir a few pans on the stove) cooked and performed his usual magic in la cocina. His dinner theme was Chinese food. India and William, Mary and David, Anna Oakley and Jim Kearney, Sierra and Mike, Laura, Lisa and ourselves were in attendance. I think the hot wings and the deviled eggs were a hit along with the Mango Margaritas (aka Italian-Puerto Rican Margaritas).

Now, during the progress of the evening I really just picked something here and there to snack on but I never really sat down and ate a plate of anything...which is regrettable. India and William brought two pies, blueberry and apple, as a dessert. Weeeeelll. After everyone left and Raoul and I were cleaning up I realized I never had a slice of either of the pies. Soooo....I had a few more wings and then a slice of pie of each of the blueberry and apple pie. Oh mercy! It was deeeelicious. If you ever have the chance to go blueberry picking, cuz that's the only way you will know what I'm talking about, take a handful of those self-picked blueberries and pop them in your mouth all at once. Don't miss that one little stream of blueberry juice trying to escape down the corner of your mouth...that is what this pie tasted like. The apple pie was so fresh. I am still in the midst of devouring it as I speak. But instead of devour, I am attempting to control myself and savor each bite slowly.

India and William's Blueberry and Apple pies. Dee-licious!! Sabroso!!!
Ya'll have a great day and remember,

The world is what we make it.


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good friends, good food, and wonderful desserts..can't get any better than that..sigh*