Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another beautiful sunset in Terlingua. I have been able to photograph twelve Terlingua Sunsets for the month of January. That means that Terlingua had almost half a months days worth of sunsets. I figured that if the weather department can calculate the amount of rain fall, cloudy days versus sunny days for any given locale for any given month, why not a percentage of beautiful sunset days per month? That is my goal for this year. To catalog as many sunsets as possible for Terlingua, TX. After all, alot of tourists and visitors to our small town are here for the sunsets and the star filled night sky. I have yet to capture a photo of the milky way since in order to do so a cloudless sky also needs to coincide with a moonless sky. The odds so far are not in my favor. But one of these nights I will get it!

This was taken atop the small hill behind the Big Bend Resort & Adventures motel, Rm#33 on the resort property. This was about ten minutes after sunset. Sunset was at 6:30pm.


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