Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another Damned Terlingua Sunset

Since arriving here in Terlingua, TX and the Big Bend region almost five years ago, I have found that the sunsets here in the desert have the characteristic of being quite spectacular and especially so if there are clouds in the evening sky. Working evenings at the front desk at the Big Bend Resort & Adventures (or as most folks still refer to as The Big Bend Motor Inn) gives me the advantage of witnessing those sunsets most every night. And every night it is a different sunset. Most of the time if I am not occupied with front desk duties I can capture those sunsets with  my camera.

The photos displayed here are of the same sunset but at different intervals. The storm clouds consisted of several layers and had already delivered their rain. As the sunset it would highlight a different layer.

I have a Canon EOS T2i DSLR. I purchased it two years ago so that I could take photos of the wonderful flowers, large and small, that bloom here in the Chihauhuan desert. We have had a drought the last two years. That, unfortunately has impacted my ability to take those photos but the sunsets have been beautiful.

The front desk has an unobstructed view of the west and the setting sun. Often times it is blinding but I don't mind at all. Nowhere else it seems, of all the places that I have lived, has there been such an unobstructed view of the setting sun. No, I take that back. San Francisco has such a view but unfortunately the west coast has a marine layer of fog that often times resides just off the coast and approaches the beach and invades The City as the sun sets. My friend, Mary Diesel, or as she is calling herself these days, Mary Paloma, told me that someone here in Terlingua, upon seeing a beautiful sunset a while back, turned to her and said, "There's another damned Terlingua sunset!" That is how often we have those beautiful sunsets here in Terlingua.  so, without further ado. I am going to introduce yet, "another damned Terlingua sunset."  There are photos I have taken, not just a few, of these sunsets so you will from time to time see them posted here. I do not tire of them.

The sunset above was actually the day before. This post says Wednesday but it's actually for Monday. I mean really, who actually writes on the day that this daily adventure called life really happens? Well, not me at any rate. After working in the evening and getting home when anybody sensible (that's not me by the way) has already been dreaming for about three hours now. Anyhoo...

I will post this evenings sunset (which was last's clear as cowboy coffee ain't it?) at this time. Tuesday is also the night when I attend the Fiddler's Circle down by the Glass House at BBRT (pronounced as BeeBurt. I've been living here almost five years and I just found out what that is when the locals refer to BeeBurt. It isn't someone's name...I've been wondering all this time, "Who the hell is Beeburt?" It's what people call the acronym for Big Bend River Tours which is right down the street. If I was a champion spitter I could hit it from here...but don't worry. I haven't spit in a good right while now. You can get a little closer without any worries.) It sure is great going to the Fiddler's Circle and it's something I look forward to with anticipation each week. It's just wonderful to hear everyone picking on the banjo and guitar and fiddling with the bow. Hearing those Appalachians songs brings back the feeling of being in those mountains again and hearing the accent and everything that goes with it.

I have been practicing the fiddle now since the day I returned from the Fiddler's Convention in Galax this past August and I can now play the melody for Angeline The Baker. Now I have to put in all the (I call'em decorations) details like the drones and the extra things that make it sound like a good Ol' Time fiddle song. I will start to work on Old Joe Clark and Little Liza Jane next.




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These are beauty sunset pictures!

MsBelinda said...

Meant to say "these are beautiful sunset pictures".

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